Our Organization

We exist to serve and to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of our youths

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The Ministry

We take care of the spiritual needs of our people, and physical needs as well. As the Lord provides and enables us to do. Philipians 4:19


One of our goals is building up the young people and youths and empowering them to face the world. One of the channels through which we do this is music.


He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:15


We will be having workshops and seminars and bootcamps, to train young people in different fields and areas of expertise. So that they are better equipped to face the real world

Our Story

This idea was conceived in 2010, and we’ve been praying and working toward the vision becoming a reality. So we’ve been putting the necessary material to bring this vision to life. We are a handful of young people with the bleeding heart for our nation and youths. 

  • Music 100%
  • Gospel 100%
  • The word 100%
  • Foundation 100%
Kum Kelvin Bama

Kum Kelvin Bama


He is a labory technician and  our resident prophet and counselor, willing and ready to listen to your problems and pray with you. He has dedicated his life to serving God and his people.

Mbahmuntah Prosper

Mbahmuntah Prosper


 A teacher by profession, he is our student pastor and shepherd, who also carries a heavy burden for our nation and its youths. Very dedicated and enthusiastic young man. He lives to see the name of the Lord glorified.

Mbahmuntah Peri Mingoh

Mbahmuntah Peri Mingoh


A certified chartered Accountant he is the main vision bearer and he cannot rest when he watches other young people struggling and suffering. Investing his time and substance into bringing this vision to life, he has dedicated his life to see that this works.